Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Featured Etsy Shops-Pop Heart Press

Pop Heart Press is one of the most clever shops I've seen on Etsy. Heather, the shop's owner, has found a way to create colorful modern prints that are useful and educational. Formerly a first grade teacher, Heather knows whats out there in the way of educational tools, posters and kits. She knows what needs to be taught. As a mother of twin boys, Heather also knows what will keep a child's attention.

Pop Heart Press is the place for teachers and moms to grab the best tools whether it's for learning or play. As I begin to think about teaching Elijah at home this fall, I've got my eye on a few things:

I've also got my eye on these two prints, especially if/when we move to Africa permanently. Problem is, we'd need about five different prints representing all of our separate homes!

Pop Heart Press is just getting started but I know it's gonna be one of the most popular shops on Etsy. Teachers and homeschooling moms, bookmark this for back to school. I know I am!

Visit Pop Heart Press:


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