Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Featured Etsy Shop - Pink Bubble Soap

Today's shop is the youngest one I've featured yet. Consider yourselves lucky to be introduced so early on! When this shop hits the big time, you can say "I saw it first!".

Stacey Freitag of Pink Bubble Soap opened shop less than a month ago. What does Stacey sell? SOAPS of course!!! But not just regular old soap. No. Soap used to be boring. The thing for old ladies. Well let me tell you, these soaps are hip. They are beautiful. They are fancy in flavor. The things she creates are practically edible!

My passion is making handmade coconut milk and shea butter botanical soap in small batches using natural and simple ingredients that are vegan, naturally colored and simply wonderful! ~Stacey

Keep this one in mind for early Christmas shopping.

Don't those look delicious?!? And the prices are awesome! Etsy can be steep, but at Pink Bubble Soap, you can treat yourself (or someone else!) for less than $10 including shipping. Now that's a steal.

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  1. They do look edible. My mom would love these...