Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I Love Africa

When people ask me what Dan and I hope to do upon graduating, I always answer “Lord willing, we will be teaching theology in Africa”. Dan is all about the theology part, I'm all about the Africa part. Kind of joking, but really, I love Africa but so does Dan, just for the record.

The other night, Dan and I were talking about our day filled with random events and it hit me: I love Africa because you never know what will happen. You may or may not have Zesa, money in the ATMs, petrol at the filling stations, etc. You can't plan on much.

I know, I know. That sounds strange coming from the biggest planner in the universe. The thing is, in Africa, I plan to be surprised. It's all about your attitude. If I'm mentally ready for change, it doesn't bother me one bit. Every time I leave the house, I know to be ready for a weekend away should that come up. Seriously, you never know!

As much as I appreciate a good plan, my life could not possibly have enough change in it. Africa is the perfect place for me because things are always changing. Just this morning, I woke up with a few possible plans in mind, but a phone call at 7:30am changed everything. I still had a great day! You just have to let go of a few expectations but once you're freed from those restraints, anything could happen. Even if the surprises are frustrating, like when the filling station attendant put petrol in my diesel engine in Malawi, at least it's not monotony.

This kind of lifestyle makes for a very exciting environment. People are up for anything at the drop of a hat. Everyone is hospitable as there's always room for one more. Kitchens are stocked with biscuits and tea because it's almost a given you will have someone drop by at any point in the day. Last week, I was walking home with the boys from Kayle's house (about 30 minutes away) and we met a woman with two kids similar to Eli and Laz in age. We stopped and chatted while the kids played for 15 minutes.

(the path along our street)

Two strangers stopped on a path in the middle of their day to be together. That does NOT happen in America. Well, maybe in the South. If your name is Susie Meeks ;)


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