Thursday, June 23, 2011

City Presby

Dan preached on our last Sunday in Zim at City Presbyterian Church (formerly known as Bulawayo Presbyterian). I missed most of the sermon trying to keep Lazzy quiet and have a short nap in the sling, but I know that the congregation appreciated his message and especially his greetings from New City Fellowship (NCF) in St. Louis. City Presbyterian has recently gone through big changes as it used to be a non-denominational church but is now proclaiming to be Reformed Presbyterian.

We were able to meet with the pastor and his family for tea on Monday and hear their story of transition. They are still working through a lot of issues, mainly discipling the congregation and leading them to a greater understanding of what it means to be Presbyterian. They have officially connected with NCF and are excited to welcome a team from there in February. We were thankful to connect, encourage and be encouraged by our brothers and sisters in our denomination across the globe and are excited to grow in our relationship with City Pres.

Elijah loved going to the big kid Sunday school class. He's proved himself ready to move up to the 3-4 yr old class at our church.


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