Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I wish I could claim that I liked owls before they got popular enough for Portlandia to write a new skit called "Put an Owl on it". But, there's no way to prove it.

I did decorate the boy's room in birds and owls complete with a hand made blanket on Eli's bed. Still haven't started one for Lazarus.....

Elijah has a love/hate relationship with owls. He thinks they are so cute and really likes all the owls in his room, but he also knows there's a certain darkness to them. He's fascinated but careful all at the same time. Once he mastered drawing the face (complete with mustaches), Elijah moved on to slightly more difficult subjects. Isn't his little owl SO cute??

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  1. wow Beth, your little man has some serious artistic talent! Áine still just scribbles, although I pretty much turn her loose and have rarely given her direction (mothering award right here :). Bust still, that is clearly advanced...get that kid into some art classes someday!