Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Post: Getting through the winter, looking forward to summer!

Today's guest post comes from the great Midwest. My older sister Sarah has graciously written about her experience using oils and vitamins as treatments for illnesses throughout the winter. If anyone knows anything about sick children (and the many different ways to treat them) it would be my sister. I think I will learn from her and look into using oils to treat Elijah's asthma! Keep and open mind and enjoy reading!

This winter was rough. Here in Indy, we braved the sleet and snow, wind and ice from December 1st until the very end of February.

It was Amos' first winter to be in school and while it was only part-time, he did have his fair share of germ exposure!

Last fall, we started seeing a naturopath pretty regularly, who treated us by using the NAET method. She also educated us about the use of essential oils in treating our illnesses and strengthening our immune systems. These oils have been in my little traveling apothecary ever since and when our kiddos start to cough or get stuffy, I get out the oils!

My four essentials are shown here and each have their purpose:

I use Lavender oil on Amos' chest and throat to calm his coughs (and also use it for any itchy or dry skin); Thieves is used to strengthen immunity (interesting story) and can be used where the illness is or on the bottoms of the feet; R.C., we think, stands for respiratory cough and is used on his chest, as well as the Eucalyptus Blue.

I usually mix those oils with a carrier oil (typically Olive Oil) and each mixture is housed in its own tupperware. It's helpful to premix them, as I'm usually applying them several times a day.

After I put the oils on, I put the Vick's Baby Rub on which kind of seals it all in. I like the Baby Rub because it also contains essential oils lavender and eucalyptus, so it sort of reenforces everything.

Essential Oils are not the only things we use to treat those nasty coughs and colds. Usually, to help them get through it, oils, breathing treatments and sometimes cough medicine are also necessary. They all have their place and all work together to help us get sleep at night and help our kiddos to get well faster. But sometimes, if Amos or Flannery happen to be stuffy or have an earache, I can put oil around their outer ear or on their chest and sinuses and that will alleviate whatever is ailing them.

(We use the essential oils by Young Living, a company that requires you to be a member, or know one, to place orders. Their oils are expensive but are very good quality.).

I also try to give them probiotics everyday, both for immunity and for digestive help. Flannery had to be on antibiotics once this winter and I beefed up the probiotics. They are especially helpful and important while on antibiotics so as to replace the good bacteria that is being wiped out with the bad.

So far, this brand has become a favorite!

Also, our kiddos get lemon-flavored fish oil, when I remember to give it to them! Fish oil has so many benefits, but for my kids, I like that their little brains are getting more help as they develop. I took fish oil while I was pregnant with them both and am happy to continue giving it to them!

So now that summer is here, I am still doing all of these things. I am also hoping that we stay well! I am also being careful about what I am putting on our kiddos, in the form of bug spray and sunscreen.

My friend Katy showed me the Environmental Working Group's website, which basically compiles data about all of the chemicals that are used in everyday things from cosmetics and health care products to sunscreen and bug spray. After buying a spray sunscreen from Trader Joe's, I was able to look it up and see that it's actually pretty toxic, so I'll be taking it back! I found sunscreen (Badger brand) and bug spray (Jason brand) last summer at Whole Foods that I really liked and while they are more expensive, are totally worth it.

I'm also not being too crazy about sun exposure for our kids. Yes, I don't want them to get sunburned or skin cancer, but I do want them to get their needed allowances of Vitamin D, so we go out late in the day and mostly cover up, which also helps with sun exposure.

Up next is unrefined, raw, organic apple cider vinegar. I have heard many tales of help from this stuff, so I plan to look into it and even give it a try!

So there you have it, some tricks of my trade! I find that while it's a challenge to keep everyone healthy, that these things have helped. Hope this helps you, too!


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