Friday, April 15, 2011

Fridays Featured Etsy Shop - Beeps' Peeps

Mothers, hide your wallets because after reading about today's featured Etsy Shop, you will want to buy, buy, buy!

BeepsPeeps makes the greatest on-the-go toy for girls that I've seen yet: On-the-go Doll House complete with pillow people! And get this - soon, Beep's Peeps will be offering mix and match options for the pillow people so customers can choose a family that reflects their own!

Isn't that adorable? I'm thinking even Elijah would love something like this. It's small, machine washable and QUIET. Perfect for restaurants, Bible studies and airplanes.

Beeps' Peeps also makes plenty of other kids toys and useful bags and changing pads for moms. Check out this awesome Mother's Day package : Foldable Tote and matching Mug sleeve. Such a sweet gift set and very green :)

One more thing I have to share: Have you ever heard of a travel tray? Well, Beep's Peeps makes 'em. They are completely flat for traveling, but once you land, you can snap up the corners for a fashionable catch all.

Told you you'd want to buy! Follow Beep's Peeps's blog at eat your p's and q's for crafting tips, updates on new items and lovely treasuries.

{Please consider buying handmade this Mother's Day!!!}

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful feature! And I second your plea-- even if you are not buying Beeps' Peeps, please consider buying handmade this Mother's Day!