Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner Party

Last Saturday night, we attended a dinner party to celebrate our dear friend's 40th birthday. We all held the new baby, Moses, ate amazing food (which I forgot the names of...), and spent most of our time sharing our most embarrassing stories. It was the perfect night out for one hungry extrovert.
(the proud parents)

The stories had us crying with laughter between courses.

We ate scallops, crab, salad with home cured bacon and corn bread crutons. There was so much yummy food, I couldn't stand it! Dinner was provided by Entre, an underground restaurant in St. Louis. Aka, our friend Garrett who is their new sous chef. Entre also serves weddings and special parties.

Hooray for last minute babysitters that can drive themselves home at 11:30pm!!


  1. sounds awesome! I need to find myself one of those babysitters!! :o)

  2. If we lived closer we'd be last minute babysitters anytime you needed it! (And we both drive past 11:30..) :-)