Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovin' Etsy for Less!

I've found my new place to shop. Heartsy! It's like Groupon but for Etsy shops. Brilliant.

We all love something new but it's even better when it's one of a kind. Etsy is the ultimate place for finding unique gifts online. It's been around for years and hundreds of small businesses have much to thank Etsy for. I've been on Etsy for a few weeks and I love it. Still, the prices scare a lot of potential buyers away. I personally try to keep prices low enough so that even my dear seminary friends can afford it. I'm also a deal finder and love to give others a good deal.

If enough people seem interested in the next 58 hours, CITY THISTLE will be considered as a featured shop on Heartsy with an awesome deal for all of you! Don't forget to sign up for the daily deals, too. They really are truly great!


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