Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby food diaries

I used to looooove making baby food for Elijah. I took all day to leisurely shop in the market for the brightest colored veggies. Id' bring them home, bake them and steam them to perfection, then add just the right spice for flavor. Elijah loved to eat. He never got distracted and was eager for every bite. With Lazzy, that cute little thumb gets in the way.

Yeah, not so easy the second time around. I find myself forgetting that Laz needs to eat actual food now. I didn't even start him on cereals because I kept forgetting to buy it at the grocery store. Then when I finally remembered, it took me 20 minutes to decide what kind to get. (Americans seriously have too many choices!)

We started with the usual bananas and apple sauce. Move on to bananas and avocados and then I made a yummy carrot and zucchini concoction (basically leftovers) with basil. Laz eats it up.

The other night, I forgot his bland baby food at home on our way out to a Thai restaurant. Instead of mushy avocados, Laz got to share some Tom Kha Gai. Lucky guy.

Today, I made two ice cube trays worth of sweet potatoes and avocados. It only took 3 sweet potatoes and half an avocado. Awesome!

So, I'm getting back in the groove. Sure it's not as relaxing when you have a toddler trying to help "mix" while naked, but it's getting more fun. Next time, I'll make ginger carrots and garlic & pepper mashed potatoes. I am convinced that spicing up your baby food is what makes for a flexible toddler. At least that's my theory with Elijah.


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