Thursday, February 3, 2011


Lazarus is my wiggly baby. Although he still can't sit up by himself (Eli did this by 5 months old), he can wiggle his way pretty far across a room. He was showing off some of his best moves last night. I thought you all might be proud.

He's been getting up on both knees and rocking a bit. I couldn't quite catch it fast enough but this is what I got.

When he's really excited, he will do a pilates move, raising his legs, arms and head while squealing.

This little number is my favorite. He pushes up with his toes and his head, lifting his bottom and belly off the ground. I'm not sure he's aware yet that this move is not going to get him anywhere.

He rolls and rolls around until he gets what he wants: a shoe, computer cords,'s all gold to him. Every few minutes, you hear a big bang. It's the sound of Lazzy's head hitting the floor from rolling over. After 30 minutes of crazy wiggly time, he gets tired. Who wouldn't?


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