Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 Things about me

After almost 4 years of consistent blogging, I finally (ha!) received my first blog award from my dear friend Megan. Congratulations me!

Now I have to tell you 7 things about me that you may not already know. Being that I am an open book to anyone willing to listen, this was very difficult. I had to get help from my sister! Consider this my acceptance speech.

1. I am opening an Etsy shop called CITY THISTLE. It's awesome. Get excited. I was going to wait to announce this until I was all set up for my Grand Opening GIVEAWAY (stay tuned!), but I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer. This leads me to #2...

2. I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. When my older sister was pregnant and told me early on, I told two of my friends even though she asked me not to. I was too excited! Learn from her-do NOT trust me with secrets!

3. I am not sentimental in the least. Every once in a while, I hear a song that brings me back to a time long long ago, but it rarely brings up any actual feelings. I keep a little vintage suitcase packed with "memories" like lace from my wedding dress and postcards from my travels. I really wouldn't mind if it burned in a fire, though. I basically keep it for my kids.

4. I had dreadlocks in high school. It took me days to create them (I had stick straight hair!) and days to get them out. My dreadlocks didn't stay around very long (admin didn't like 'em) but they are what saved me from getting arrested once. That's a story to be told over drinks. Who's buying? ;)

5. In elementary school, I rode the bus for more than 2 hours a day. We were the first kids to be picked up and the last to be dropped off. Every kid in between lived in some valley, beyond a hill and then just a little bit further down the road. I think I spent my entire childhood on a school bus.

6. I just joined facebook and twitter for the first time. I've made it this far without them. Why give in now?? Well, basically I want to connect with people regarding my new etsy shop. AND, I like to look at pictures of my friends' babies!! So, BE MY FRIEND!

And for the grande finale:

7. When I was in the 6th grade, my sister Abby and I were in a country music video. Big Guitar by Black Hawk. En. Joy.

I will now take a moment to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

1. Gretchen @ Bug's Life

2. Brenna and/or David @ His/Hers (y'all can fight over who gets to do it)

3. My older sister @ the Sally Collage



  1. blue stripes or red sweater thingy (which one is you in the video?) I love Blackhawk, I have every album. ;o)


  2. Hurray!!! Maybe David and I can both do it. Thanks you for the honor! I'm working on my acceptance speech...

  3. First, I'm glad you were excited! I'd never really heard of a blog award. But I DO love to read your blog!

    Second, that video is awesome and I'm confused about how you are not a professional music video maker. :)

    Love you!

  4. totally blue stripes with the rockin' jean shorts. OMG, hilarious. How did you not bust that gem out for your wedding day!