Thursday, January 27, 2011

We are fa-mi-ly

In my opinion, Eli and Laz do not look related. Although they often make similar facial expressions, their faces are not shaped the same. Elijah resembles my side of the family and Laz resembles Dan's. Their individual features are different in every way.

Yet, everyone who sees them thinks they both look like their father and there are so many similarities when you compare Eli and Laz to my baby pictures. It's so strange.

(you cannot deny the resemblance)

(Me as a newborn)

(Again, me as a newborn)

Perhaps the boys will look more alike as they grow older. For now, I am glad they look different. They act incredibly different, too. It all reminds me that these two little people are unique and very much individuals.

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  1. I think the same thing about my boys, and yet people still ask me if they are twins! What? There is at least 6 inches between them, and they look so different to me. Everyone thinks they look like their dad too. I think it is the eyes-though they are both different :)