Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tender Tennessee Christmas 2010

We arrived on Christmas eve, just in time for cuddles before eating dinner.

Anticipation grows....

and grows....

and grows.

Christmas Eve midnight service.

Opening presents on Christmas morning.

Enjoying the snow.

My parents spring has been going through a dry spell. That meant shorter (and fewer) showers and less water usage in general. By the middle of the week, the laundry had piled up so we packed up our clothes and ventured out. We spent an evening at the laundromat after our clothes got stuck in the washer. The door got stuck and it took us an hour to finally get it open. Way to go Jesse! It was quite a sight, a family of 12 hanging out at a least we weren't bored.

Oh yeah, and we spent an hour at the Big Lots next door while our clothes dried. Flannery found a cozy spot to chill out.

Bath Time!
(one and only)

Sword fighting; not just for kids.

Playing in the rain

New Year's Eve was really fun. Nathan's brother in law is a chef at City House in Nashville. We met Nathan's sister there for a late 4 course dinner. It was wonderful.

Killing (tea) time before leaving this morning.

This morning, we packed up the car (and the boys) and headed home to St. Louis. It was packed extra full because Abby will now be calling St. Louis home, too!

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  1. Eli looks so much like Dan now!

    I love the Snoopy at the table. Too cute.

    I'm happy for your that your little sister will be close to you.

    Happy 2011!