Friday, November 26, 2010

I Goliath!

Elijah's favorite story in the Bible is David and Goliath. We read it to him every day and he reads it to himself about 3 times a day. A few weeks ago, Elijah started pretending to be Goliath. Instead of laughing a terrible laugh like in the story, Eli bends over (just like in the story) and says "Look! I Go-Li-Af!".

Lately, he's been reenacting the story with the help of Dan. They each take turns being David and being Goliath with the football as the stone. It's adorable.

I'm pretty sure Eli used to think that Goliath was the good guy being that he was big and cool like a "football man". After watching the Veggie Tales version of the story, now he knows that David is the good guy with God being the true hero. We always end the story with "Yay! God always wins His battles! Go Irish!". Not sure what the Irish have to do with it, but he says it anyway.


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