Thursday, October 7, 2010

Village people baby wearing

Friends become your family when you're living far from home. It was sad to say goodbye to our families especially with a new baby, but we also couldn't wait for our friends in Malawi to meet Eli. He quickly became accustomed to African culture. Eli loved being my little Joey when I wore him in the front, but if put on the back, he preferred being with Christina.

He literally cried when I put him on my back.

Christina and I had become very close. Naturally, I wanted Elijah to love her as much as I did. Wearing Elijah gave her the opportunity to know him intimately and for him to trust her like family. Other friends and family members can give your back a break while bonding with the littlest ones you love. It's especially wonderful for the people you don't get to see very often. Share the love and let others connect with your children. It really does take a village so why not let the village people wear your babies?


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