Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Supper Swap Tuesday

This afternoon, I packed up three Trader Joe's bags with a delicious Asian stir fry dinner (edamame and salad on the side) to drop off at friend's houses. It's week two of Supper Swap and I have LOVED it. Not only do I appreciate dinner being delivered to my door before 6pm three nights a week but I have really enjoyed cooking for my friends. The extrovert in me constantly craves human connection, even more so now that I'm a mother of two. After being with young children at home all day, it's my dream to get out by myself for 30 minutes and check in with a few of my friends while dropping off a meal.

Tonight's meal was made from scratch without a recipe-sorry for the disappointment. Next week, I promise to share more details of the food.


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