Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A walk in the park

Last Sunday, we decided to be spend time together as a family. We hadn't all been together alone for quite a long time. A walk through Tower Grove park was needed. Elijah sported his new St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat and glove that grandpa got him. We walked and talked, ran a little bit and the older boys played catch while Laz cuddled with me. I look forward to many more walks now that the weather is changing. In a few weeks, the park will explode with color!

We walked to the Jensens and dropped both babes off (yes-both!) with Vicki and the kids. Apparently, Vicki never really saw Eli as he just kept up with the older kids while she showed Lazarus off to all her neighbors. Dan and I continued our walk to Grand and had a quick dinner alone. It was amazing. I am SO thankful for our St. Louis family!


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