Monday, September 27, 2010

Salvaging the day

Last night was rough. Lazarus decided to spend his entire night making dirty diapers for me to change (he's so generous). I had high hopes of spending a little special time with Elijah this morning, but due to an awful night, one cranky mama and a sensitive toddler, we all ended up in tears. Poor Dan had to keep us from falling apart. I hated missing out on a great opportunity to be with Elijah alone. It took a while for all of us to get out of our funk. Finally, after some alone time at store for 20 minutes and venting to my dear friend Jessica, I returned refreshed and ready to salvage the day.

Laz took an extra long morning nap today, so Elijah and I were stuck at the house. Since the weather was cool and the sun was out, we decided to have a picnic on the back porch. Neither of us ate much of our lunch, but dessert was gone within seconds. We each had a cupcake from the local shop down the street. Lesson of the day: when things go bad, eat sweets!

Lazarus finally woke up so we moved inside to play in the boys' room. Lazzy has begun to interact more with all of us. I feel like he is always on the brink of a big smile.

Now I'm off for a nap. I'm hoping that sleep will do us all good.


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