Friday, September 17, 2010

Conversations with my two year old

Conversation #1
Context: Riding in the car with the windows down. Elijah hears bird.
Eli: "Like a owl! I hear da owl."
Me: "Yeah, it was kind of like an owl, but it was probably a bird since owls sleep during the day, remember? They play all night long and then sleep all day." (that's right, break it to him gently)
Eli: "It's just a owl. Kipper scared 'bout da owl. Owl not scary. It's a owl." (said matter of factly)

Conversation #2
Context: Painting in the kitchen.
Eli: "Need a green. Need a green, mama."
Me: "You want me to be a green mama???" (said jokingly)
Eli: "No, don't want a green mama, need a green paint mama."
(I can just imagine what was going through his mind- "Stupid mama, why would I want her to be green?? Obviously I was asking for green paint, gollee.)

Conversation #3
Context: Playing in the living room with trucks
Eli: "Need to go potty, mama."
Me: "Alright, go ahead."
(Elijah walks slowly toward the bathroom)
Me: "Eli, go faster babe so you don't have a pee pee accident."
Eli: "Yeah, don't wanna have a pee pee accident on da floor, mama. You be sad. Mama hold you. I clean it up! I clean up da pee pee accident on da floor! You be happy! Elijah happy! I have a happy heart, mama." (Elijah gets a panicked look in his eyes)
"Need to go pee pee mama!"
Me: "Okay Eli, let's go! Go pee pee on the potty, hurry babe!"


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