Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aunt Abby to the rescue!

What's a tired mother of two to do when she feels like she can't go on? Call for back up! Aunt Abby came just in the nick of time. My sister was a true angel, helping Eli with meals, changing Lazzy's diapers and even driving me to Target and the bank. I am sad that my little sister wasn't at the birth, but it was really helpful to have my her with me the week after. We had a great time last weekend catching up after being apart all summer.

We did the usual-a walk in the park and ice cream in the afternoon. Vicki even got to join us, sans kids.

I hated to see Abby go. We only had a few days with her. With everything falling apart at my house and Abby already traveling through Nashville, we decided to spend one more day with our dear Aunt. But that's for another post.....


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