Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eli's aniticipation

The paint is still drying in places, but I was able to put Elijah's bed back where it belongs. While I was moving it, Elijah kept saying "Fanks mama! Good job mama!". He is such a little encourager! It feels good to have the boys' room back in order. Now I feel ready for Laz to come.
(doesn't the rocking chair look great?? i love how it all turned out!)

Eli is most excited about meeting Lazarus. He has been "playing" with Lazarus for weeks now. He brings toys and puts them on my belly while saying "here ya go Lazarus". When he wants the toys back, he nicely takes them while saying "fanks so much, you're welcome!" as if Lazzy himself offered them back to him. I can already tell Elijah will be such a good big brother. He calls Lazarus his friend and is so excited to share his room full of toys with him. It's so sweet.

Tonight, we spent time as a family, playing and being silly together. We haven't seen much of Dan and won't really get any more time with him until next Thursday. I love Sundays-it's the only day I can count on being with my whole family. It was nice to lounge around and giggle at our first born. He is turning into such a ham! I love thinking about my two boys being silly together, making up songs and playing funny games.


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