Friday, July 2, 2010

Business as usual

St. Louis has never felt so much like home. It's fun to be entering into our second year here in the great Midwest. We have such great memories from last summer which really solidifies the fact that St. Louis is now home. We've planted our roots and are quickly growing to love this city. Traveling for two weeks made it easy to come back and be thankful for our community here. We've been back for three days and it's been good. It's been business as usual:

Elijah was thrilled to be reunited with his toys. He wears his new slippers while rockin' out. (Thanks grammy!)

Wednesday night, we had Popsicles and played kick ball at the park with our community group.

We've been hittin' up the Tower Grove sprinkler park every afternoon.

Daddy got to join us there yesterday after studying Hebrew across the park!

Last night, we had a pic nick dinner in the park with new friends from Seattle. Elijah and Alaythia had a blast exploring in the fields.

It's summer and I'm happy to say that we are busy spending time with friends. Each time we move, we pray for the provision of friends and good fellowship. God has been so good to us!


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