Friday, May 14, 2010

We've been busy

The day I left for Tennessee was my last day at work. Since last October, I had been taking care of a baby boy two days a week, often bringing Elijah with me. On top of that, I worked 13 hour days twice a month while the mom did her shifts at the Children's Hospital. The more pregnant I became, the less energy I had to both care for the baby and keep up with Eli. I got the most hilarious looks from people while walking around town with a toddler, an infant and an obviously pregnant belly. I can only imagine what people must have thought. Thankfully, it was a temporary job and I always knew there was an end in sight. Two weeks ago, the end finally came and I feel so free!!! It was definitely great to be able to work this year, but I am thankful it's just me and Eli now.

Since my last day at work, Eli and I have been busy getting ready for baby brother. Pictures of their room are coming soon, I promise (BLYTHE!). We've been enjoying St. Louis and the beautiful spring time weather. Here are some pictures to show what we've been up to.

Missouri Botanical Gardens-children's garden:

On Wednesdays, the Botanical Gardens are free to all city peoples. The children's garden is free as well. We finally got our act together and had a great time exploring the tree house, tunnel slide and the water park. I made a promise to myself to go back to the children's garden at least twice a month this summer. It was so fun, even for me!

Elijah is quite the climber.

I guess anyone would be with a cutie little girl cheering you on!

Tower Grove Park-Sprinklers!!!
The fountain and sprinklers were finally turned on last week at our park across the street. Now, every time we walk to the park, I have to remember an extra change of clothes. It's that time of year!!

We love our neighborhood so much. Not only is it beautiful and diverse, but we actually run into people we know! Libby is a friend from church and we often see her at the neighborhood playground. This time, they were able to splash together in the fountains.

St. Louis Science Center (Eli calls it the "Baseship Museum")

Libby and Elijah watching the cars cruise by.

Elijah helped some big kids build an arch. I love how he is directing them in the picture below.

The science center was crowded with older kids on field trips, so we spent most of our time outside climbing on the dinosaurs.

By the end of next week, Dan will have finished his first year at seminary. I can't wait for him to join us on all our St. Louis adventures!!


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