Wednesday, May 5, 2010

International Midwife Day!!!

Many of you might be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, but did you know it is also International Midwife day??? We will certainly be eating Mexican tonight and look forward to an evening of margaritas, but I can't let this day end without shouting out to my favorite midwife-my mom!!! Of course I love her as my mother, but today, I especially appreciate her as my midwife with Elijah's birth almost two years ago. She was such an encouragement to me throughout labor and even tough at times, but I will always be thankful for her tender care. Honorary recognition goes to Cindy, my mom's rockin' assistant who gave me all she had and more. They were the dream team!

I have two new midwives for the birth of our second son. So far, I have really enjoyed getting to know them while preparing for another home birth. I'm sure that by this time next year, I will be bragging on my current midwives, but today, I just had to dote on my dear mother. Honestly, if you live in the Nashville area, look up Susie Meeks, CPM. Actually, ask someone who has had a homebirth and chances are, you'll hear her name as well as people singing her praises. Strictly speaking as a client, she is the real deal.

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  1. no flooding for us, thankfully! we did have some pretty bad tornadoes hit, but not in jackson.