Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

As part of our Sunday worship service, the congregation splits into small groups and prays for a short time together. It usually focuses around a specific thing having to do with the upcoming sermon. This Sunday, we prayed for mothers. We were encouraged to pray for ourselves, mothers in the church body and our own mothers.

I was quickly reminded of how much prayer mothers really need. I pray for my mom all the time, but I forget to pray for her as a mother, and I definitely don't pray enough for myself. Each day is given to me by God as is each child He chooses to bring into our family. I should be praying for myself-for strength, patience and true sacrificial love. I should be praying for any children God brings into our family and my relationship with them. I want God to grow me into a mother of wisdom and grace, gentleness and humility. It was wonderful to be prayed for today in church and to be reminded of my serious need of God's grace in this area.

My take away from today's sermon is this: God is committed to sanctifying us. It is His goal to bring me closer to Himself and He will not give up. This gives me so much hope as I recognize my failures as a mother. I can freely love and give to Elijah (and any other children I may have) all that I have because God is big enough to redeem the parts of me that will fail Eli. He is committed, praise be to God!

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  1. That is a great shot of Eli! I hope you remember to print that one, I know I struggle to get things printed. Poor Vincent is only in one picture on our walls so far!