Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elijah the nerd

I love our little boy-I think that much is obvious. He is my favorite little guy. I miss him when he's sleeping and when I take a shower. I just can't get enough of him! Lately, he's been making me smile more than ever. The boy talks more than Six from that old show, Blossom. He will talk to anyone anywhere about anything. He has always been very quick with learning the English language. Eli can repeat (and often will) just about any word. My favorites are hydration, thanks very much, alligator, helicopter, and bicycle. He says them almost perfectly, paying special attention to syllables. He has great color recognition and loves pointing them out while driving. Yellow, blue, red, green and white (which he says wipe) are his favorites.

Our newest thing to do is randomly bust out the alphabet. I've been singing the alphabet to him since he was 3 months old. I use it as a way to help Eli wait for things. While washing his hair in the bathtub or sitting on the potty, we sing to ABC's and when it's over, we know we are done with that activity. Last week, Elijah started singing it on his own. He still misses a few letters, skipping over mn and o. He says "lelolelo P" instead. I'll just let you hear it for yourselves. You might want to watch twice, it's that cute.

Another thing we like to do is read together. I will read the first part of a sentence and Eli will finish it. I love that he has a little memory already!

Between counting, reciting and singing the ABC's, Elijah is turning out to be our little nerd.

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  1. Too adorable! Man, I miss my boys being that age. Sniff! Christopher turns 5 soon. :(