Saturday, May 1, 2010

Banning Polygamy in Malawi

This morning, I was so happy to read an article about polygamy being banned in Malawi. Even though it isn't final yet, I was encouraged to see that it is being seriously considered. Imran Shareef Muhammed, secretary general of the Muslim Association of Malawi, is very upset about this. He believes that a definite result from the ban will be a rise in prostitution. This frustrates me, as I truly believe a lot of women in polygamous relationships are already in dangerous situations, very similar to prostitution in fact. The ban will not affect those who are already have multiple wives (or share their husband) but it will stop new marriages from happening.

Even though I believe polygamy is wrong, I would be concerned for women if marriages were suddenly dissolved. Many of them would have no where to go. But the argument that women would turn to prostitution without polygamy as an option-that's just frustrating. The tragedy of prostitution is way more complicated than that. If the ban goes through, there is no doubt the people of Malawi will be affected in a major way, both negatively and positively. There is also no doubt that many women will be saved from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.

What do you think??


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