Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off to TN-How we survive the 5 hour trip

Last Tuesday, we spent the morning at the Science Center in hopes of tiring Eli out. By lunch time, we were on the road to my parents house outside of Nashville for the week. The drive is a little over 5 hours, door to door. We bring a bag of snacks and keep the car toys updated and interesting. Departure time is usually right after lunch so Eli can pass out. He will take about an hour nap and then we have four more wonderful hours left ;) When things get a little boring, this is how we deal with it:

Growing up, I used to ride over 10 hours to my grandparents house in Michigan with my four siblings in a station wagon or van. I really have no idea how my mom put up with all of us wanting different things and needing potty stops at different times of the trip. I will say this-she is a MUCH more patient woman than I am!


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