Monday, February 15, 2010

Waiting for Flannery-more details

It was so much fun waiting with my family last week for Flannery's arrival. Sarah called me on a Saturday with mild contractions. By Saturday night, it was enough to get Eli and I in the car and on the road. I didn't want to miss a thing! The weekend turned out to be a waiting game, much like how it was when we waited for Eli to arrive almost two years ago. We had fun with my parents, going out to lunch, shopping and watching the super bowl. Eli and Amos played well together for the most part. Eli quickly learned how to say "Space, please Amos" and also learned how to give Amos space when he needed it.

Sarah and my mom doing some dance moves at Old Navy...there's nothing like a dance party to get labor started!!

Grrdada and Eli worked on an abstract art project together. It was a collective effort. Grrdada traced around Eli's feet and body and Eli traced Grrdada's hand.

Pretty original!

Grrdada and the boys had a blast in Amos' room. Amos and Grrdada played dodge ball while Eli went down the slide a million times.

Eli helped Aunt Sally make bread between contractions.

Eli made sure to spend quality time with doggie even with all the excitement going on around them.

GrrMarmie brought monster truck Valentine cards. The boys had so much fun playing with them.

Eli got his very first microphone. All he wanted to say was "DOWG, DOWG, DOWG" over and over again. It was so funny and never got old.

Eli is having coffee in his little house.

Eli and Amos bouncy with Sally between contractions.

Finally, things picked up on Monday and my mom and I both decided to stay through the week. I was able to stay with the boys on Tuesday while Nathan and my mom went to the hospital with Sarah. Some family friends came for the evening just in time for me to be there for the last 2 hours of labor.

I am so thankful I was there. Sarah was such a huge help during Eli's birth, and I wanted to be there for Flannery's. It was very emotional for me to see her in such pain, but also eye opening. I can't believe I did that, too!! Giving birth is such a tremendous experience and now I know that being a part of someone else's birth is just as wonderful.

Sleepy daddy and was a long day!

Flannery was the perfect little baby girl throughout the entire birth. She is so sweet and pink. I love her little self so much and can't wait to get to know her more as she continues to grow.


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