Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping me happy

It's been an interesting winter. I have truly loved all the changes in the weather, the ice and snow and wind. I love that there are cold sunny days here in St. Louis. Still, it has been a challenge keeping busy with fun indoor activities. The funny thing is, Eli would love to just stay home all day and play with his toys, pots and pans, and random plastic cups left by a previous tenant. He rarely begs me to take him on some fantastic adventure in the city. It's myself that I have to keep happy. I get too restless if we are still at home by 10am. I start to think "what are we going to do today, sit around the house??? Huh uh!". I have to get out, see someone, do something.
Eli and I have been to the Science Center twice in the last month. We will probably go again next week. I just love that you walk right in, no charge. You can stay as little or as long as you want. The airplanes and space shuttles at the entrance are enough to keep Eli occupied for an hour. We walk around and do as we please, but there is always more to do. Plus, I haven't gotten bored of the place. I always learn something when we go. It wears Eli out and he usually falls asleep during the 4 minute drive home. I am so thankful for the fun free things to do here in this city, but am currently most thankful for the Science Center.

It would cost $885,000 to send Eli and his two little friends to outer space.

There is a bridge connecting the planetarium to the museum. It goes across highway 64 and there are places where you can look through the floor at the racing cars below you. I love it, but it kind of freaks Eli out.

I hope that our next baby is ready and willing to tag along with Eli and I. We will have so much to show baby once it gets here!


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