Friday, December 4, 2009

Seattle visitors

Two days after Eli and I returned from our Seattle vacation, our dear friends came to St. Louis. Even though Dan and I had to work a little bit, we still managed to see and do a lot. My sister's family was also able to come that weekend and we had a blast being together again. It was a little challenging keeping the three boys from killing each other, but I think they had fun, too.

Eli loved showing Ezra around the house. Eli loves Ez so much, he even let him borrow his favorite thing: the porta-crib.

We spent one nice cool morning at the zoo. The zoo is free, but the petting zoo isn't unless you get there before 10am. Thankfully, we got there just in time for the boys to chase down some billy goats for free. As you can see, this was NOT Jessica's favorite part. She couldn't wait to get out of there.
We watched the sea lions get their lunch. That is always my favorite thing to do at the zoo.

Then off to the penguins and a quick little jog for Amos to get out some extra wiggles.
Amos with the zebras:

After long much needed naps, we all headed across the street for some good ole fashion fun. Too bad we didn't have a frisbee like the good old days....

After an evening in the park, it was bath time.

The next day, we barely made it in time to enjoy the Botanical gardens for free. During our walk, we came across some fake sheep. Immediately, all three boys wanted to ride them and Ezra and Eli wouldn't stop calling them dogs.

Later when we found a fake peacock, Eli wanted to ride that, too.

On our way to the Koi pond, we found a sweet little stream. It was the perfect place for family photos. Too bad Dan had to work...

We finally made it to the Koi pond. These fish are HUGE! You can feed them which is fun to do. The challenge is trying to throw the food right into their mouths.

On our last day, we went up the arch. Sadly, my camera died so I only have two unusual pictures. The first one shows the door to the pod you crouch inside of while it slowly takes you up to the top.

This is the actual pod. Very modern...Eli loved it!
Because of a certain dead camera battery, I have no more pictures to share, but I can assure you, many more cute and exciting things would have been captured. These 26 pictures will have to do for now ;)


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