Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday mornings

Since moving to St. Louis, Saturday mornings have become the busiest time of the week for me. I grew up going to yard sales with my mom. I still like to make the trek into Franklin with her when I'm in town. I have it in me to shop all day long just to find the perfect thing at the perfect price. I get sick thinking about paying full price for anything because I know there just has to be a cheaper way! What can I say, I've been completely indoctrinated by my mother. And I am thankful for what she has taught me about being thrifty.

I have a friend in Franklin who posts here about her yard sale finds. She is an inspiration to me often finding new items in excellent condition. It might be the demographic of the neighborhoods she hits up. My neighborhood is a little different here in St. Louis, but I am still able to find some great stuff.

Anyways, I honestly couldn't believe my luck this week and had to share it with all of you. This morning, I originally set out for one purpose only: find a lamp! There is no overhead lighting in our living room, and it's been quite the challenge lighting the place without sacrificing style for cost. Through craigslist, I found out about a vintage sidewalk sale a few miles from my house. I walked away with this lamp for $5.

On the way home, I stopped at two other places, spent only $3.80 and got all of this:

Wooden puzzles for Eli

Tea Kettle. We almost bought one new but I am SO glad we didn't. This one was $0.25!

A Scrabble beach towel

Books for Eli including 3 Arch Way books!

Brand new in the box electric train set for $1.00! Eli will love this! It's a great toy for a rainy day.

Picture frames are one of those things you want, but cannot justify spending $7.99 for just one when you KNOW you can get them for $0.25 each!

While I'm at it, I want to share my greatest deal from last week. It is a men's Banana Republic down ski coat that I got for Dan. It was only $5 and practically brand new!


  1. Ooh, nice work, Bethany! Thanks for linking up - it was fun to see what sort of finds you can dig up in St. Louis!

    Hope you all are doing well!

  2. Nice work my friend! I especially love the puzzles and the frames!

  3. HOLY! Great deals. What is with people selling enamel tea kettles for $0.25??? I got one just like yours (in light yellow) for the a quarter too!!

  4. I am obviously hitting the wrong garage sales. Maybe I should move to St. Louis. Good finds.

  5. So glad you are finding great deals. We had the same puzzles for Amber Elizabeth, but our hands were wrong. The left hand said right and the rignt hand said left. Hopefully yours are right. Tell Dan we said hello and give that big boy a hug from all of us. We miss y'all.

  6. Hi Bethany! I really enjoyed reading through your blog posts here this morning! Love your lamp and thrifty shopping! :)
    Great to meet you through Missionary Moms!!
    Blessings, sister!