Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wore {Thrifted}

Two pregnancies in 3 years has taught me to embrace my new mommy body and get over it already. As Elijah likes to say "mama, you're soft so that your hugs can be soft and not hurt me!". So sweet. 
Thanks Eli.

A post baby body is definitely something to adjust to, but a post surgery body is just horrible. There's no baby to show for my new post surgery belly! I haven't exercised or worn jeans in over a month. I've learned that the key is to wear high waist-ed clothing, including tights and leggings. I spend every moment I can in my pj's, but if I'm leaving the house (ahem - no public pj appearances for me), only a skirt or dress will do. I'm hoping my body gets back to normal soon. Either that or perhaps spring will come tomorrow so I can break out my maxi dresses. For now, I'm rockin' my favorite thrifted skirt (as seen in this outfit).

Wow, it's great to be in real clothes again!

I love love love my new glasses. I've needed new specs for almost 6 months, but it takes time to commit. I wear glasses every day so it's important to me that they completely match who I am.

Not too distracting but with a little bit of flair. I just love them! 

 (purchased these for $30 on at the time, they had a deal for new customers : first pair is free! i only had to pay for shipping and the extra coatings on my lenses!)

Blouse and necklace up close:

From Head to Toe:

Polka Dot Blouse : Clothing Swap, $0.00; Brand: Forever21
Skirt : Family Thrift, $4.00; Brand: Merona
Tights : Christmas Stocking gift, $0.00; Brand: Mossimo
Shoes : Covenant Seminary Free Store, $0.00; Brand: Mudd

Necklace : City Thistle!!

Total Outfit Cost: $4.00!!!!!!!!

This outfit came together with very little thrifting. I've only been a part of a few clothing swaps, but I always walk away with cute stuff. Remember the lace blouse y'all loved? I got that and the polka dot blouse together at the same clothing swap. Seriously, if you're just getting bored of what you have in your closet, host a clothing swap with friends. You'll have a blast and it's a FREE way to fulfill your desire to shop! 

I know not all of you have access to a free store, but if you do, don't be embarrassed to check it out. Wait, did you say a FREE store? What's that?!

Our seminary has a free store on campus where families drop off unwanted items like books, toys, music, bed sheets, curtains, and clothing for the entire family. I'm on campus every Wednesday and often pop in to check it out. I've brought home books and clothing for the boys but scored the brown Mary Janes for myself last week. So fun!

Be creative, re-use, re-purpose, host a swap party and you might be coming up with your own $4 outfits!

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  1. Love your outfit! You look so cute. Fabulous price too. I thought I posted thrifty outfits today, but you've got me beat. ;-)


  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and pinning for hair inspiration :) It's actually so funny that you did since I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I have to put so much effort in to make it look nice. Is that your natural hair color? It's very pretty.

    have a sunny day

  3. I LOVE that necklace! And those shoes are fabulous! All in all, a great outfit!

    And thanks for linking on my blog! :)


  4. You look great!! Don't be so hard on yourself!! I swear by Spanx. And if it makes yu feel any kids call me squishy! ;)

    Because Shanna Said So

  5. I left those shoes at the freestore!!!! So funny! I love the free store and that they look way better on you than they ever did on me! LOVE the necklace!

    1. oh my goodness keren, i laughed out loud. thanks for the shoes :)

    2. (small sigh of relief to know they came from you, too!)

  6. So cute! And I love that necklace! I can relate to the post baby body...I just had my second baby in October and I didn't bounce back as fast as I did the first time. It will happen for sure, just give it time. I was so dang impatient though so who am I to talk? I don't think I will ever have that 'twenty-something' body again (no matter how much working out I do in addition to my dance classes) but I am starting to embrace my soft belly because my sweet little boys grew in my tummy. I just don't think I will put on a bikini anytime soon...:)


  7. Love it! All of it :)

    P.S. I lived in and then near St.Louis for 5 years once upon a time.

  8. Why Bethany, you made some very lovely necklaces yourself! I stopped by your Etsy shop, yes.
    Thanks for stopping by, please visit again soon!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  9. love love love your hair and glasses, so chic.