Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What She Wore Wednesday - Flannery!

Since I've been wearing my pajamas for more than a week, I thought I'd share a different outfit today. My niece Flannery turned two last week and this is what she wore:

From Head to Toe:

Striped Top : Target, $1.50
Gray Velvet Skirt : Target, $1.00
Leggins : Target, $1.50
Baby Toms : Free! (hand me downs)
Pig Tails : Priceless :)

Total Outfit Cost: $4!!

This outfit was my gift to Flannery. Seriously, y'all. Do not underestimate the clearance section at Target. I often drop by looking for anything in the next size up for the boys. Because it's usually so cheap, I will buy Elijah a sweater for next winter and put it in his 4T box in the basement. Planning ahead can really save you money, especially when shopping off season.

I've never had to spend more than $30 a year on my kids clothes, thanks to my 5 year old nephew.  Honestly, I probably spend more on dear little Flannery, the only grand daughter in the family.

pleated poppy